A #HotCard is a Digital Card

It contains your contact details, social media handles, QR Code, profile pic, personal quote and hobbies- all beautifully designed in an array of exciting colours and patterns.

Create a Personal or Business #HotCard

Share your #HotCard online, for social and business networking

Increase your online visibility

Upload your #HotCard to social media apps, attach it to an email, upload to Cloud, update your status with your #HotCard, add to your website / blog, post online, share to online groups, WhatsApp and so much more.

Unique QR Code

Friends and networks can scan your #HotCard’s QR Code to connect to your VCard, Email, Website or Social media page.

#HotCard Features

Increase your online visibility. Upload, Share, Download and Store all your #HotCards on your mobile device

Features on a Personal #HotCard

This is where you shine! Showcase your personality for social networking, make new friends, impress your contacts and have fun!

Features on a Business #HotCard

Impress your clients and contacts with a sleek design, showcasing your business details, products and services

#HotCard Pricing 2020

Order a Personal or Business #HotCard in 3 sizes: Small, Medium or Large

An array of colours to suit your mood

Our Process

Order your #HotCard via Email: hello@hotspotdesign.co.za

Complete a short online order form (on your cellphone, laptop, tablet or PC)

Receive your #HotCard and invoice